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Professional Skaters Turn Coaches, giving you the best choice of skates available and lessons for you


Why Learn with Coach Rachel?

There are plenty of reasons why you should learn with her. Our prime lesson location is located in the most central of Singapore, Bishan Park, privileged with a public skating ground located at the heart of Bishan Park 2 and also at National Stadium


Skating lessons conducted by us have a wide variety of different programs to choose from and definitely there will be one that suits you best. In our lessons we enforce safety and fun learning for all ages between 5 years to 60 years.



Well Trained & Certified Coaches

All our coaches had been through thorough training and certification in order to be an instructor. Our coaches provide interactive and customized lessons catered to every different individual. Here are some of the certifications that our Head coach, Coach Rachel had been through:

-Inline Certification Programme (ICP)

-National Coach Accreditation Programme (NCAP)

-World Slalom Skating Association (WSSA)

  1. -   (IFSA)

  2. -   Standard First Aid AED + CPR Certified

  3. MOE Registered

  4. Certified Cycling Coach *New*




Learning how to skate well is accompanied with fun-thru learning and not just learning the skills, but by applying them all in real scenario based lessons. Once you’ve experienced a real life skill application, you will urge our instructors to teach and guide you through more! And.. Sometimes we do have some surprise performances and activities in the park just for you!



Learn By Example

We Love Good skaters safe skaters! Since Coach Rachel is long-time experienced skater; together with her strong skating foundation and technical skills, thus, becoming our student is the first step to become a pro skater. We believe strongly that all instructors are role models of inline skating, and that’s the reason why we would keep our instructors’ skills improving at all times. 



Lifelong Learning Programme

Unlike other inline skating schools or coaches, basic skating course is not just our cup of tea. We are the first skate school to have certified freestyle skating coaches. Our senior coach, Coach Rachel was national skating champs and we have specially catered an Intermediate Skating Program to ensure we keep the interest of passionate learners to their next highest level. As a former national skater, we have the option for all ages to learn all the way competition level.



Variety of Programme that suits you

To ensure that we have definitely had a suitable skating course for you, Coach Rachel has up to seven different types of courses for you to choose from:


  1. Small Group Classes – Fix you own time and date of lesson between 2-7 members in a group and you can enjoy a whole session of customized skating time with the instructor of your choice, friends and family

  2. Weekend Small Group Programme – An exclusively adorable 60 minute fun session with juniors between 2- 5 years.

  3. House-call Private Lessons – If you would like to do a private skating class at your home or neighbourhood, just make an appointment with our instructors 3 days advance and we will at the location, time, date and logistics that you need. 

  4. Freestyle Programme – Join us for a brand new experience in inline skating where you will be able to learn some flatland tricks and also to improve your balance and to keep your skating skills consistently improving, upholding your interest in skating strong.

  5. Corporate Classes – if your company is looking for a healthy and sports orientated activity, feel free to call us up for a corporate skating trials or lessons 

  6. Trial skating Classes – Feeling indecisive whether to join or commit yourself into skating lessons? You could join us for a single skating session to get familiar with some fundamentals of inline skating and tips to not let you fall often.    

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