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The Customer Always Knows Best

Bought my kids skates from them and sent them to their lessons every holidays. Super friendly, honest, systematic and knowledgeable shop owner and coaches. Money spent at the shop and for their lessons are worth every dollars

Cheryl Ng

My first visit to the shop turned out to be a 3-hr long exchange of 'How to choose a good pair of blades?" with Ben and Rachel. My next visit was a meet-up with the two coaches for the free lesson they provided. They not only sell great products, they are amazingly great instructors as well. Their passion and dedication to this sport are infectious and heartening.

Leng Leng

Signed up for its inline skating class and gotten my pair of blades. The instructors are attentive to older students like me. Good bunch of instructors to learn from.

Eu Theng See

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